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I would like to find out more, what do I do?

Contact us and we will arrange to telephone you to discuss your initial ideas.  We will need to know the location of your site, your proposed timescales for the project and also what you propose  the buildings will be used for ie residential, commercial, retail, leisure, etc.  It is also helpful to know if you are proposing using one of our Pre-Designed buildings, a set of drawings or plans which you have had prepared or whether you would like us to design something bespoke for your site.

We can then, if appropriate arrange a no obligation visit to meet with you and gather more detailed information relating to your project, the site layout and the environmental considerations.  A detailed report would then be prepared including design, costings and a design & build program.

What is the typical time frame for a project?

The typical time scale for a project of a single unit is:

  1. Site visit, agree design/budgets and prepare planning application for submission:  6 – 8 weeks
  2. Planning application outcome: 8 weeks *
  3. Commence preparatory works and start on site: 4 weeks *

 I am thinking of installing multiple units, how do you price for projects like this?

We are often asked by prospective clients for costs for multiple units. It is important that we have all of the available information as early as possible.  This will enable us to make an assessment of what savings can be made when ordering and installing multiple units for you.

What is an Oyster building constructed of?

Dependent upon the final design and exact details of your build we can use  factory manufactured closed panel wall and cassette floor systems. This is a very efficient method of manufacturing timber buildings as the majority of the assembly process is undertaken in factory conditions.  This style of manufacturing is commonly used by German and Scandinavian house builders.  Individual panels arrive on site already pre-built with the insulation, breather membranes, battens and most of the services ducts already pre-installed.  A typical kit can be erected in 2 to 3  days offering your building maximum protect from inclement weather. Typically an Oyster can be completed in 8-10 weeks.  Alternatively we can work in ‘brick & block’ and have recently been working with clients to deliver a 3 story structural steel, glass and timber clad commercial building.

Can I change the internal room layout and finishes of a Pre-Designed OYSTER?

Yes. As there are no internal load bearing walls we can work to your designs for any internal layouts. Internal and external finishes and forms can all be tailored to suit your specific site.  Any details which planners require can also be accommodated for ie stone cladding, tile/slate roofs or timber windows.

Is the provision of services and foundations included in the price?

No. As these will vary from site to site Oyster will always quote for these separately following a detailed site survey by an engineer. Alternatively, you may wish to use our drawings and your own local contractors.  We would suggest that you contact us for more specific information.  Using our experience we can always provide you with a good ‘budget’ cost for this element.  Remember that Oysters are real buildings which require real foundations which comply with building regulations.  Oysters are not ‘mobile’ homes which more often than not are sited on a thin concrete slab similar to that for a domestic garage and use light steel props to support the mobile home.

 What type of foundations are required?

A typical installation of an Oyster building will require either a concrete strip foundation or a concrete slab.  In some cases and planning/site dependent, low impact, above ground concrete pads can be used.  Two of our most recent projects have incorporated a concrete slab into the design for a rural office and another 3 bedroom house being build on a cliff top location has had low impact driven piles, as well as a concrete raft foundation installed.

An engineer’s report would be required prior to any recommendations. Please contact us for more information.

What guarantee comes with an Oyster building?

A 10 year warranty is provided for each building as well as individual manufacturers warranties for installed item, ie gas boilers typically 5/6 years.  Each Oyster building has an expected design life of at least 60 years.

 Where can I see an Oyster building?

An Oyster 40 is available for viewing, by appointment at our show site near Loch Lomond, Scotland.

An Oyster ‘Gateway’ office which was recently delivered for the RSPB can be view at Inversnaid, close to Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire.

Oyster Cabins can be viewed on the Isle of Lewis or in Yorkshire.

Does an Oyster building meet UK building regulations?

Yes.  All ‘Pre-Designed’ OYSTERS and any bespoke designed buildings all conform to and in many cases exceed many of the elements of UK Building Regulations.

Does Oyster offer a bespoke design service for other buildings?

Yes, following receipt of a design brief we can prepare sketches, plans, 3D visualisations and budget costings for you.  As this is an individual design service, fees may apply. Please contact us for more information whether you are considering a private residence, rural retail /cafe /gallery, visitor centre, clubhouse or  holiday/l;leisure accommodation.

Do I need planning permission?

Yes.  We can assist you through all of the planning application process and support you with our detailed product knowledge at any pre-planning meetings you may attend.  Oyster can also recommend planning consultants who can assist you with any major applications – Oyster has successfully managed complex planning applications in-house.

How do planners view Oyster buildings?

OYSTER ‘Pre-Designed’ buildings have been designed to take into account National Planning Guidelines. Due to their low impact and strong environmental credentials they should be received positively by planners. Planning approval has already been granted for full residential use.  As with all new projects we always recommend that either you or your appointed representative speak to your local planning department to discuss your project in more detail.  Alternatively Oyster can undertake this on your behalf.

Will Oyster manage the Building Warrant and related matters?

Yes.  As part of our service we will prepare and apply for building warrants, as well as managing any other professional advisers, ie structural engineers, environmental consultants, etc.

Do you offer an interior design and sourcing/installation service?

Yes.  Many of our clients ask Oyster to design and install interiors to suit there own particular operations, styles and budgets.

Where are Oyster buildings manufactured?

They are designed & manufactured entirely in the UK and are not imported kits. Each building fully complies with UK national building regulations.

Can Oyster build outside the UK?

Yes. We are already processing enquiries for overseas installations.

What heating and hot water systems are fitted?

Due to the high levels of insulation and the typical locations of our buildings, high efficiency mains or LPG gas heating/hot water systems are specified as standard.  This can be upgraded to utilise any form of renewable energy source including biomass, ground or air sourced heat pumps, log burning stoves and solar PV / thermal .  Eco electric panel heating and hot water can also specified to suit your final design.  For further information please contact us. Energy calculations (EPCs) are available upon request.  To view an EPC for some of our current range, click here.


* Assuming a simple planning application with no complications or objections.