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Sustainability is one of the core elements of Oyster’s overall business strategy, delivering benefits equally for both our customers and our people alike. Our aim is to improve the impact on the environment and on society whenever we can.

The issue of sustainability is one of growing concern for the construction industry.  The construction industry contributes approximately three times the amount of waste than all of the households in the UK put together, and buildings account for nearly half of all our energy use.    Our work has a significant impact on the quality of people’s lives, not only here and now, but in the future.  By acknowledging this responsibility we aim to measure up to both our customers’ expectations and those of future generations.


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Social and corporate responsibilities are far reaching and encompass everything we produce as a business, what we buy and, effectively sell, how our business effects the environment and, how it must respect the rights of people and how it strives to put something into the community.  We are committed to improving the quality of life for our employees and their families, working hard to provide and maintain the right work life balance for them. We provide equal opportunities for all, offering and providing a wide range of academic and vocation training at all levels.


The real worth of sustainable solutions are not just seen as commercial and immediate but rather as long term investments for the future. With this at the forefront of our business outlook and approach, we are firmly focused on tackling a wide range of problems such as pollution and our carbon footprint, energy usage and effective waste management in ways that deliver real tangible best value to our clients and treat the environment we live and work in with the respect it rightly deserves.